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Vickram David Amar's Columns:



Constitutional law expert
explains: The Battle over
the Filibuster in the Senate
Part I.


Senate Filibuster,
Part II.



The Bill That Never Passed and
What Can Be Done About It

Part One in a Series

The Threshold Hurdles in the Lawsuit
Alleging that the President Signed a Budget
Bill the
House Never Passed:


Why the "Political Question Doctrine"
Shouldn't Necessarily Prevent Courts
From Asking Whether a Spending Bill
Actually Passed Congress

Part Two in a Series.
By Vik Amar

The gist of these lawsuits is that the version of the
Act passed by the Senate and signed by the President
was never, in fact, voted on favorably by the House of
Representatives, and thus cannot be considered a
"Law of the United States" under the Constitution.




Cecil Bothwell, southern editor:

writer, and humorist, reminds us about
James Watt and takes aim at Lt. General
William G. "Jerry" Boykin, Duck Soup #390:

A Simple Twist of Faith



John Buchanan's Columns:

"Aid and Comfort to the Saudis"



Dennis Crew's Columns:


On Newt Gingrich, Integrity
and Impeachment

by Dennis Crews

My friends, it's been a good while since I've
ventured to comment on the body politic. Been
busy, if you need to know. But once in a while
something gets stuck in my craw and makes me
want to testify. This time it was an old story made
brand new again – from today's Associated Press:



Language and Media
When told of Howard Dean's remarks following
his election as the DNC's head, Derrick
Sontag -- executive director of the Kansas
Republican Party, said he was shocked.
"My immediate reaction to that whole dialogue
is, it's full of hatred," Sontag said. "The
Democratic Party has elected a leader that's
full of hatred." Dennis Crews shows the GOP's
reversal language syndrome technique.



Immorality Wins the White House
Response to Peggy Noonan's column in the
Wall Street Journal
By Dennis Crews
George Bush is the first president whose ascendancy
into the White House was fueled by the demise of
spirituality in America. If evangelical churches today
retained as their central focus the gospel of Jesus
Christ, Bush would not be president.


Iraqi Civilian Deaths Huge
by Dennis Crews, Yurica Report Columnist
The report on civilian fatal casualties
in Iraq, in a nation of 23 million is staggering,
a total of 37,137 civilians had died (this number
was broken down by province – the full report
may be read here). The equivalent in percentage
terms of 460,000 civilian deaths if such havoc were
wrought in the US.


On George Bush's "Greatness"
by Dennis Crews
In his Weekly Standard posting following the
Republican National Convention David Gerlenter
says, "It's obvious not only that George W. Bush
has already earned his Great President badge
(which might even outrank the silver star)"


Why Kerry Might Not Lose After All
And Why Adam Sparks Is Wrong
Adam Sparks wrote a special article
in the San Francisco Chronicle, titled:
"Why Kerry Will Lose the Election."
Dennis Crews writes back: "Sparks'
article seemed to me like wishful thinking.


What is and What Should Never Be
by Dennis Crews, a review of The
Despoiling of America
by Katherine
Yurica from a man who sat on the
board of a Christian ministry and
watched it all happen.


Strange Bedfellows. Read his prescient
article written in 1984 during the Reagan


On Being a Liberal:
The Bible says Christians must strive to be liberal,
so when Bush-Supporters call the Kerry/Edwards'
ticket 'liberal,' aren't they praising and blessing them?
A surprise analysis By Dennis Crews



John Dean's Columns:


NEW: If Past Is Prologue,
George Bush Is Becoming An
Increasingly Dangerous President
Friday, Apr. 21, 2006

President George W. Bush's presidency is a disaster
- one that's still unfolding. In a mid-2004 column, I
argued that, at that point, Bush had already demonstrated
that he possessed the least attractive and most troubling
traits among those that political scientist James Dave
Barber has cataloged in his study of Presidents'
personality types.


Testimony of John Dean on Censure
Published: Friday March 31, 2006
Testimony of John W. Dean before the Senate
Judiciary Committee Regarding Senator Feingold’s
Proposed Senate Resolution 398 Relating To the
Censure of George W. Bush.



Predicting Presidential
Is George W. Bush An
Active/Negative President
Like Nixon, LBJ, Hoover
and Wilson?

Friday, May. 21, 2004

Many political scientists believe it is
possible to predict presidential performance.
While no one can predict future events, the
future performance of those who occupy the
Oval Office can be ascertained, at least in
a general fashion.



The Broken Branch:
An Unusual Lawsuit Takes
Congress to Task For Shoddy
and Partisan Lawmaking, In
Which A Bill Is Unconstitutionally
Being Treated as Law
Two seasoned non-partisan Congress-
watchers have teamed up (again) to
report some bad news about Congress,
assessing a decade of Republican rule.
Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the
Brookings Institute, and Norman Ornstein,
a resident scholar at the American Enterprise
Institute, have written a new book, The Broke
Branch: How Congress Is Failing America
and How to Get it Back on Track.



John Dean Blasts
Warrantless Eavesdropping
Mar 31, 2006
WASHINGTON (AP) - Nixon White House
counselor John Dean, testifying in favor of a
Democratic resolution to censure President
Bush, asserted Friday that Bush's conduct
in connection with domestic spying exceeds
the wrongdoing that toppled his former boss
from power.



The Problem with Presidential
Signing Statements:
Their Use and Misuse by the Bush Administration
Friday, Jan. 13, 2006

Rather than veto laws passed by Congress, Bush is
using his signing statements to effectively nullify them as
they relate to the executive branch. These statements,
for him, function as directives to executive branch departments
and agencies as to how they are to implement the relevant law.



Shocking The Conscience Of America:
Bush And Cheney Call For The Right
To Torture And Are Decisively and
Correctly Rebuffed by the House

Friday, Dec. 16, 2005

If the events I am about to describe were taking
place in a movie, or novel, I would lose my ability
to suspend disbelief: Who could conceive of an
American President and Vice President demanding
that Congress give them authority to torture anyone,
under any circumstances?



The Problem with Presidential
Signing Statements:
Their Use and Misuse by the Bush Administration
Friday, Jan. 13, 2006

Rather than veto laws passed by Congress, Bush is
using his signing statements to effectively nullify them as
they relate to the executive branch. These statements,
for him, function as directives to executive branch departments
and agencies as to how they are to implement the relevant law.


John Dean's Articles on Plamegate:


The Ambassador's Article
Here's how it all started:
"What I Didn't Find in Africa"



Joseph Wilson Fights Back
with a letter to the Senate Select Intelligence
Committee. Contrast Wilson's facts to
William Safire's New York Times column,
which attempts to destroy Mr. Wilson's
credibility in order to save President Bush.
Don't take our word for it, you be the judge!



The Empire Strikes Back!
The Ambassador's wife is targeted.
One more criminal offense to investigate.
One more reason to appoint
Special Prosecutor. By John Dean

John Dean gives the Wilsons
a sling shot and a stone to slay the
giant Empire.
John Dean's latest article
in outlines the power of a single civil
suit aimed at a corrupt administration.
Dean says the Wilsons should file a
During the Nixon years, the
DNC filed the shot that was heard
around the world causing Watergate
to explode
and Nixon to resign.



John Dean takes a further look
at the criminal implications of Ambassador
Wilson's case and the leak exposing his
wife Valerie Plame.


Are There Grounds to Impeach
Bush & Cheney?

Is Lying About
The Reason for War An
Impeachable Offense?
John Dean



One of the most important
news analysis on the web:

John Dean analyzes the President's
State of the Union Speech and finds:
Eight deceptions that violate federal
criminal statutes:
"It is a criminal
offense to make false statements to


John Dean asks:
Has George W. Bush Met His Own
Ken Starr? Read his analysis of
presidential lies.

Cheney Lied to Congress.
It's a violation of the federal statute
and a criminal offense.
John Dean,
a former counsel to the President,

explains it.

John Dean studied the 9/11 Report
and boiled it down to this:
Either the Bush White House knew
about the potential of terrorists flying
airplanes into skyscrapers or the CIA
failed to give the White House this
essential information, which it possessed
and provided to others. Bush is withholding
the document that answers this question.
Read Dean's startling conclusion:
Bush Knew.

John Dean Exposes a Rogue
Republican Congress:
A $328 billion spending bill, created in
secret, with giveaways galore, will be
the first order of business when Congress
returns in January. Dean says, "About half
of America has no voice in Congress at
all." Find out why Americans must object
to a rubberstamp legislative branch.


The Serious Implications of
President Bush's Hiring A Personal
Outside Counsel for the Valerie Plame
by John W. Dean


The Supreme Court's
Ruling on Cheney's Energy
Task Force
: Still secret, but
more litigation will follow by
John W. Dean



The Book Attacking
Kerry's War Record: How It Defames
the Candidate, and Why He Should Sue
By John W. Dean Unfit For Command reeks of
actual malice. Senator Kerry would be doing
a public service by suing by warding off
future baseless attacks.






Maureen Dowd's Classics:

A True Dowd Classic:
The Bushworld vs. reality.
Save this one for your Grandchildren


Maureen Dowd's 5 Star Article:
National House of Waffles


Dowd on The Body Politic
Bob Woodward's new book,
"Plan of Attack" reveals that
President Bush decided to go
to war based mostly on body


Thomas L. Friedman:

Why they Hate Us



Marci Hamilton:


Twenty-first Century Religion and
the Backlash Against Women's Autonomy:
Three Recent Events that Show that
Women's Freedom Is Imperiled
Thursday, Apr. 20, 2006
There is a growing threat to women's autonomy
arising from religious groups, which deserves closer
attention than it has received to date. Three recent
events, in particular, should make women who
value their freedom shudder.


Bob Herbert:

The Reverse Robin Hood

Molly Ivin's Columns:



Molly Ivins: A Tribute

She made us smile and laugh and we
will miss her. Here's a sample of her writing:
"Now the whooper is a large bird--runs up to
five feet tall. The goose--short. Now we have a
state full of hunters saying, "Hell, if this boy is
too dumb to tell a whooper from a goose, maybe
he shouldn't be regulatin' public utilities." He was
forced to resign."

Click on Molly's picture to read the tribute to her
by her long-time friend and editor, Anthony Zurchur.

And click here to read "Remembering Molly Ivins"
by John Nichols, Washington Correspondent, The Nation.


Nicholas D. Kristof's Columns:

Jesus and Jihad

Hug an Evangelical
by Nicholas D. Kristof


The Three Kristof Articles
that Exposed the WMD Lie

Missing in Action: Truth

Rice Lies Again?


The Uranium Hoax and
the Dumbing Down of the




Paul Krugman, N.Y. Times:


Saving the Vote
Everyone knows it,
but not many politicians or mainstream
journalists are willing to talk about it, for
fear of sounding conspiracy-minded:
there is a substantial chance that the
result of the 2004 presidential election
will be suspect.


See Paul Krugman's article on the wreckage
of privatizing and cutting military benefits.

Outrage and Accountability

Denial and Deception

Pattern of Corruption

Who's Unpatriotic Now?

Tom Delay: Dangerous to
American Freedom

Fiscal Train Wreck

Lies, Standard Operating

The Death Of Horatio Algers
Paul Krugman wrote a classic. .
Think you can improve your economic
situation--that you can rise from poverty
to riches? Think Again! From The Nation:
Here's what's happening to America.

Paul Krugman's
startling revelation that the
Bush Administration pressured
the EPA to lie and deny that
fallout dust from the 9/11
disaster was harmless to New
Yorkers as dioxin, one of the
deadliest of the world's poisons
was released over Manhattan.

Paul Krugman's take on the very
real dangers of the coming 2004
"Hacked Election"


Krugman Takes On Arnold
in a mind-building match. Schwarzenegger
kayoed in the first round.


Jason S. Miller:


How Much More Will the
American People Endure?
A New Declaration of Independence
By Jason Miller
Yurica Report Columnist
In support of the brave and intelligent citizens
of Vermont who recently passed a resolution
to secede from the union, I decided to update
and modify our Declaration of Independence to
fit the circumstances we are facing in 2005.
Despite the numerous distinctions between
then and now, in some significant ways, little
has changed.


Harvest of Pain and Sorrow
By Jason S. Miller

September 11, 2001 marked the beginning of
a new era of profound fear and suffering for the
human race. Contrary to the Ministry of Truth
of the United States government, the terrorists
are not the source of this misery. A malevolent
force has taken root in the United States. This
force is rendering damage terrorists can only
fathom in a dream, and is actually responsible
for creating the terrorists.



Redemption Within Reach for the
American Empire
By Jason Miller
America's "strong and resolute" Commander in Chief
is safely enjoying a five week vacation on his Texas
ranch. Yes, that would be the ranch he owns by virtue
of that silver spoon that was dangling out of his mouth
as he passed down the birth canal. Following his
example from Vietnam, his daughters remain stateside
as Bush pontificates the nobility of the cause for which
2,000 Americans have died in Iraq. Despite his unflinching
conviction, Mr. Bush lacks the courage to confront Cindy
Sheehan and explain to her why her son really died.




Mr. Bush's Plans for the Recovery If
He'd Told the Truth:

Liar, Liar

By Jason Miller

If George Bush had encountered the same fate as
Jim Carrey’s character in the movie Liar Liar, and
had been rendered incapable of lying, America would
not have been subjected to thirty minutes of manipulative
propaganda on 9/15. Compelled to tell the truth, Bush’s
oration would have captured the reality of the situation
in New Orleans, and of life for the poor and working
class in an America dominated by a wealthy aristocracy:



Greg Palast:

New York Times Bestselling author
Greg Palast
details the stunning corporate
manipulations of Enron and other participants
in the California energy scam by revealing what
they did to Britain, Europe and South America
before they got to California. The corporate players
in theYurica Report article: Fraud Traced to the
White House
had plenty of practice on how to do
California in. This is a brilliant investigative piece
from Greg Palast's book: The Best Democracy
Money Can Buy
. Read it here:


Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in
White House
by Greg Palast. Greg tells us
the tale of the Brits who swiped 800 jobs from
New York, carted off $90 million, then turned off
the lights of the entire northeastern block. It's the
story behind the story and as usual, Greg Palast
leaves the reader both laughing and crying!


Rich Proctor's Zany Columns:

The Republican Party
Convention Schedule Plus the 2004
Bush Campaign Strategy has been


Bush Campaign Strategy Revealed!



Frank Rich:


Dishonest, Reprehensible,

By Frank Rich
The New York Times

Sunday 27 November 2005

George W. Bush is so desperate for allies
that his hapless Asian tour took him to Ulan
Bator, a first for an American president, so
he could mingle with the yaks and give
personal thanks for Mongolia's contribution
of some 160 soldiers to "the coalition of the
willing." Dick Cheney, whose honest-and-
ethical poll number hit 29 percent in
Newsweek's latest survey, is so
radioactive that he vanished into his
bunker for weeks at a time during the
storms Katrina and Scootergate.


The God Racket From DeMille to DeLay

Dishonest,Reprehensible, Corrupt



Robert Scheer:

They Lied

What Did He Know & When
Did He Know It?

Bush Tied to California
Budget Crisis

Impeachment Case Made


L.A. Times Fires Longtime Progressive
Clumnist Robert Scheer
By Amy Goodman

The Los Angeles Times newspaper last week
announced that it was firing longtime columnist
Robert Scheer. Scheer has been at the Los Angeles
Times for 30 years and was one of the most
progressive voices at the paper. In recent years,
his columns took on the Bush administration and
its justifications for the invasion of Iraq. Scheer
believes that his firing was because of ideological



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